Munro "Hawk" Hawkins

Medic from the Rim; non-traditional medicine; atypical bedside manner


Out on the Rim, they drop you on a planet or moon with little more than the shirt on your back and some livestock. You can make another shirt, but if your cattle doesn’t survive, you’re humped. Enter the large animal veterinarian. That’s what the Hawkins family was known for back on Hera. And young Munro Hawkins was following in the family footsteps until the War for Unification came to Serenity Valley.

More by geography than by politics, ‘Hawk’ as Munro came to be known, ended up as a Medic to the Independents. A human is just a large mammal when you get down to it and the Purple Bellies never thought to confiscate animal tranquilizers and antibiotics. Patch ’em up and get them back out in the field works for soldiers as well as cows and horses, and the battles on Hera were some of the bloodiest.

The Hawkins homestead on Hera was destroyed, so after the war Hawk went on ‘walkabout’. Bartering passage on ships with his medical and animal handling/training skills, he bounced from world to world. It was on Greenleaf that Hawk discovered the pharmaceutical benefits of various botanical specimens. With traditional medications scarce and expensive, alternative medicines and the ability to make them is quite valuable… and often pleasurable.

Munro "Hawk" Hawkins

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